Anhui Tedia High Purity Solvents Co., Ltd., a joint venture established in January, 2011 by Tedia Company Inc. of USA and Longhua Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. Anhui, is located at Susong Linjiang Industrial Park of Anhui. Covering an area of 13 acres (80 mu) and with a total investment at around RMB 60 million, the plant produces 3,000 tons of HPLC-grade High Purity Solvents annually. The plant plays a critical role in the global development strategy of Tedia, as it is not only to be built into the world class production base of high purity solvents in Asia, but also a leading manufacturing base worldwide providing purified acetonitrile for instrument analysis and pharmaceutical industries.

In quality control, world-class T2P2 purification method, composed of 9 strict procedures to control the quality of high purity solvents produced, is introduced to Tedia China plant. In addition, for the purpose of optimizing and improving manufacturing technology, China plant adopts the same SAP control system and quality control as those of Tedia USA, well as the purification and bottling technologies that are unique to Tedia.


Tedia China aims to be the dominant manufactuer of high purity solvents in Asia and the leading manufacturer of purified Acetonitrile in the world.Tedia China pay close attention to HSE, take care of our employees and customers, attaches great importance to public safety and health. Less environment pollution is our promise.

Who are we? 

Tedia has always been a customer-driven company. Now with Anhui Tedia we can bring you that same high performance you have counted on more than 40 years to China.

What we offer you?

We bring you International Company standards with the benefits of a locally produced product. –We do NOT offer you a “China Made” product, but rather products produced with International standards with the benefit of being “Made in China”

Let's grow together through partnership

Become the World’s largest high purity solvent manufacturer through operational excellence, process innovation and partnership with customers.

                                                                         Anhui Tedia High Purity Solvents Co., Ltd.

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